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Google doesn’t mean smaller ones can’t compete. 

Backlinks are a significant ranking factor because of implicit authority signals.

But doesn’t this mean that the top search results will eventually be the sole domain of big brands that can afford to invest in high-end content and backlink strategies?

Learn how small companies can hold their own in the SERPs.

For consumers, the SERPs monopolization by powerful brands surely can’t be a good thing. 

It’s certainly not a good thing for less powerful brands with great services, great content, and great value propositions, to be sidelined because they have no backlinks leverage.

For years Google has been said to be the blemish because SEO professionals have been complaining that big brands seem to be favored by Google in SEO results. 

It’s a bitter reality that brands are favored. It’s because as established names in their field, they are much more likely to attract a number of quality links to point at their sites.

Big brands get more links because of their field their name. The typical reason is spending millions of dollars for their promotion in order to promote and position themselves in customers’ minds. 

for example, if you are searching for shoes then you will go for Nike, the largest shoe company on the planet. It’s the reason for Google. Google lists Nike for running shoes. 

And as discussed before, big brands get links because of the familiarity they have worked to build. 

I don’t know if Google ever manipulates the search results to consumers the brands they expect to find.

But in most cases, they don’t have to.


Anyone who has worked in enterprise SEO knows that on-page optimization is more challenging to implement than link building in those environments.

In smaller companies, link building is the bigger challenge.

the biggest reason behind this is the on page changes enterprise clients require significant effort for approval and implementation. 

Do you know? even the biggest enterprise can’t control the links that point to their site. 


Many small businesses mistakenly come to the conclusion that they just can’t compete with larger brands in the search engine results. 

no its not that you can compete it’s just a simple way. it’s all about creativity. 

First, even in the most competitive search engine results, there are 10 listings on the front page. A small business may not be able to obtain the top organic spot, but with lots of effort and a bit of luck. 

But it’s ok not to rank at the top.

In fact, there are many times consumers that are searching in a category where there is a dominant brand are actually looking for an alternative. 


Firstly know the what is the common keyword types; 

Peripheral keywords are phrases that may not have the highest search volume, but have great buyer intent.Also, there are many “tail” keyword opportunities for smaller brands.

Tail keywords may not have a high volume of searches, but in aggregate, their intent-based searchers can contribute a significant amount to the bottom line.


So the conclusion is that big brands on the top doesn’t mean small brands can’t compete. 

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The most recent update in July 2021 has certainly rocked everyone’s world, yet the focus is still on the user experience.

There are many rules and guidelines to come at the top for SEO, but SEO still relies on how well a user receives the zone.

design and loading performance

Macmillan Dictionary is a site that saw a 50% growth in visibility after the core web vitals update. You can easily see the growth factor of others and how they have improved the ranking factor. 

It has amazing traits that are visual stability, no waiting for the video to get uploaded. 

You find exactly what you want to know at the top of the bar. And scrolling down will show more interesting information.

Detroit News saw a drop of nearly 98% because of the page experience. While it has been improved since the google algorithm has been updated it still takes some moment to upload a file or video. The site requires plenty of clicks. It’s simply not a pleasant user experience and thanks to ranking factors. The things that matter the most are page speed web designs and user friendly. Ranking changes when any of these factors get fail. because of the effect on user behavior it has.

Largest Contentful Paint is a metric resource that tells you how long it takes for photos and videos to load on a pane. Adding APIs to your headers can help hurry things up, especially for static photos across other pages. This is one of the places to start to enhance Google search results directing to your site.

Pop-ups and intrusive ads are still frequently used and are one of the most hated occurrences among visitors. Autoplay on video is also much more annoying that causes users to leave quickly and lowers the traffic. If you want to rank on mobile search results, evaluate the mobile SERPs.

Cumulative layout shift

If you are unsure of what CLS is, have you ever had a button on a web page disappear as you try to click it? This has happened to several eCommerce sites, where the cart button disappears when users are trying to check out. This mostly happens when there’s a lot of traffic on site like happens when sales are going on. You can check on your performance metrics through the Core Vitals link in the Google search console.

First input delay

It is a web functioning metric that tracks the time between the first user interaction and when the browser processes that information. When the site performs well it loads the information within 100 milliseconds. It means It’s important to know that it only processes clicks on a link or a button. Scrolling and zooming in or out is not measurable by this metric.

Google search should match your expertise

Another way to improve the experience of users is that a Google search will match your expertise. Some marketers will use less-than-honest tricks to try to gain rank for a keyword or phrase. Whenever Google algorithm updates, they will be red-flagged, if not sooner. In other words, be relevant to the search results.

Terrific page occasion needs enticing content

Users’ experience is engaging with great content. Good content will ripen around videos, photos, and articles. 

Great content is easy to read and educational. Photos need to be clear and quick to load. Videos should never autoplay and should not cancel out your calls to action. Search bars should be large and easy to find, and tools to subscribe to newsletters and emails should be easy to find too — without interrupting the user experience


It’s a good scenario to have a checkup on your website regularly. Keep Site speed, mobile-friendliness and user-centered metrics are important factors up-to-date.