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Turn Your Content on High Performing Machine in 2018

May 8, 2018

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Today I will share with you the conceptual approach of content ranking how it fits your business’s needs to known in search engines.

Every new year there is the new hype at a peak that how you can rank your content on top searches on Google? What changes and what algos are now changed and what new remedy can be used to stable your business that keeps connecting the potential clients on search engines like google.

Well!! The key to success in  getting your content on top with your business related keywords over search engines needs clear understating of how Google Finds, Analysis and Rank your content.

There are following mainly three steps of getting your content rank higher in search engine which correlate with each other.

Step 1: Discovery/Crawling

First of all Search Engine Bots tries to discover your web pages by “Crawling” it. Where bots take notes all your content within it. What content is about and how it creates a semantic association of user key phase or query.

Step 2: Relevance/Indexing:

Next step is the relevancy, Once search engine bots discover your content it will check the relevancy of certain query by “Indexing” it. Based on signals like keywords within the content

Step 3: Authority/Ranking

Next is the authority stage. This means building enough credibility through backlinks and other factors, that search engines consider your site authoritative enough to rank high in the search results. Authority directly impacts ranking strength

However, the next question is how you can make your content Finds, Analysis and Rank in the search engine:

You just need to focus on the topic of content. Which needs some searches depending on your business trends and targets. Check how other people write about that topic, love to read, like and share.  Using the blow you can figure out your targeted content

  1. Find target topics based on keywords that are fully related to your business
  2. Check the numbers of blog post on that topic.
  3. Find how many numbers of gated pieces of content .
  4. How many average shares per content that has?
  5. How many numbers of backlinks that content have

These three stages and actions are dependent on one another.

If your content isn’t relevant, then it has little chance of ranking, no matter how authoritative it is. If your website isn’t authoritative, then it has little chance of ranking, no matter how relevant it is. And if your website can’t be discovered in the first place, it has no chance of ranking at all. We hope this helped you understand how search engines discover, index, and rank your content.


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