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Case Study: 100% Increase in Conversions over the Year

Case Study: 100% Increase in Conversions over the Year

May 12, 2020

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What all about we are struggling is Conversion and leads!! Am I right??

Of-course!! why we are paying too much to our expert, marketing agency, and Search engine? Don’t you think all this battle is to make money online?

So, Today I am sharing my best and successful experience with one of my big clients in UK. We are connecting for so long and they are very dear to me.

Background of the Case:

My Client has an online store of furniture based in London

  • Where they Earning from:

They were making purchases via eBay and another short medium of advertising platform with affiliate and commission-based.

That was going well enough, but the problem is “Profit Sharing”. They don’t want to share their profit for long and want to make their platform where they will be only the shareholder of that profit.

  • Did they have a website:  Yes!!

They have very up to mark professional responsive mobile-friendly website with a proper and error-free cart to cart and payment gateway.

Problem: All these things not helping them to make sales and online presence!


Case Study: 100% Increase in Conversions over the Year

Finally, here we started our journey to make them successful and more profitable in a short period, therefore they invest more in the marketing budget.

Initial Analysis & Audit:

When we handed this project. We are very confident about their success. Why? Because they “Trust Us”

I believe, Once a client trust you, you just make it all happened out of the box. 

Any why we start working on the strength part of this project and try to take the right direction from the very beginning

We have done the following Analysis:

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Trend Analysis

Competitor Analysis:

  • What their competitors are and what they doing to make more purchases.

Challenges we face:

  • Competition is so hard
  • People don’t Rank over keywords
  • Brands making 1000s+ purchases in a single day
  • User-generated queries with their brand name were so massive


Market Analysis:

What is the ration for making a profit in London only? Is this the right place to make 100% increase in the purchase?

Challenges we face:

  • Restricted only a store location in London
  • Delivery and shipment issue.

Trend Analysis:

What is the current trend following by people? Because we have a different type of furniture and it’s really important to advertise the right product to our client, that they needed at that time

Challenges we face:

  • Brands offer 100 option to their clients with the unique and latest style


What we practice to make 100% Increase in Conversion over the year!!

After all our research is done. We plan something that they are not offering and we start working from our competitor’s weakness we cause our success in a short time. And here we can balance our ROI.

The followings are very simple but mind-blowing tricks we used and achieve our goal.


We start exploring the need and interest of people for choosing the best furniture in London.

And compare our most selling products over eBay and other platforms. We have some focused point is our mind: Are we in the right direction? What we are losing and what we need to focus on. I must say that was the building pillar of our strategy which can make us a winner or loose!!

Making logics for 200 different products like beds, wardrobe, table, sofas, etc wasn’t easy J

Offers, Discount, and Deals:

After Ist step we can forward next, here we design special offers, discounts, and deals of all types of furniture for almost all group ages. We put all offers on the website with a special coupon code just to track back our campaigns.

The medium of Advertising:

With a low budget, we choose only two medium

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

We did not jump in and overloaded to any medium because we were very conscious about ROI.

We start a different campaign which results in 5 conversions in 10 days. That was our hope and it boosts our confidence. We increased numbers of campaigns and make the purchase equal to what our client making from affiliates site. Now this is the time where our client believes us more and they are happy to not share a single penny to any other. We keep working on make campaigns till 3 months just to stable all the things happening right!!

Brand Making: Reputation Management

 After social success, our next move was “online Presence and break the hypocrisy of Brands”


  • We start a charity program and start participating in such events
  • Make our logo visible to all. Every time we take about our brand name.
  • We start Brand Content Outreach Campaign organically. it boosts only our reputation but also we are standing on the top of the results. (For Content Marketing Contact us now)
  • Catches offers, discounts, and brand name make the way smooth to land our customers on the website.

Final Words:

These are very basic and simple tricks make us successful, we did not do any massive marketing. We don’t need to overloaded and useless traffic. We only focused on making a purchase. But all these things need dedication and strong analytic skills. is a hub of professionals, we can help you to achieve your targets in a very smart way and quick time. Don’t waste time on others. Just contact us discuss all your target and let us make for your best and result oriented strategy



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