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Automate your bidding Strategies in Google Ads

March 30, 2020

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Well, Google ads is one of fast and effective way to increase your revenue and maximize your ROI.

It also gives best measurements of your spend and help you to take some strong decision towards your business promotion

So how it’s done effectively??

Here we are going to lift the logic of Automatic Google ads Bidding Strategies for beginners!

Summaries overview of Google’s Manual Bidding Strategy


There is number of bidding strategy for expert who can handle all things professionally and each have its own specific reason to implement which I write shortly below:

·        Manual CPC Bidding

·        Target CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

·        Target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

·        Maximize Conversion

·        Enhanced Cost per Click (ECPC)


Ultimate Goals to achieve:

  • Maximize Clicks
  • Target impression share
  • Target top of page rate
  • Target absolute top of page rate

Simple Bidding Model:

Figure out the relationship between the estimated values of clicks and its cost is very essential for any paid campaigns.

With the help of bidding model, you can effectively measure your campaign success and worth if its value of per click cost you more than or lower against your goal.

For example

  • if your estimated click value > Click Cost -> Bid More
  • if your estimated click value < Click Cost -> Bid Less

The question is how many clicks you need!!

The Best solution would be clustering of keywords, campaign type, target location and audience.

Once you put on selected keyword for the campaign and select the bidding option.

Here this point you can measure the cost of each click and you analysis it in different timeframes, like last 7, 30, 90 days

For each Keywords you can compute the bid and compare it in spreadsheet. Here you can directly measure the cost of per click

After this simple practices you can you’ve built up your automated bidding model.


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