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10 Strategies to Supercharge your Sales and Leads

June 6, 2020

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Every marketing whether it’s online or offline refers to business growth. Business growth depends on many factors like an investment, the right direction, and the right business strategy with a dedicated team member.

If you lack and have less investment, it might be cover with other factors of business growth but if you lack in the right direction, and right business strategy: it can be lost all of your investment.

Here I will discuss some practical experience of mine that helps you to boost your sales and leads.

Point to be noted: Making any business strategy you need to be very clear about your business goals and object with at least a rough estimation of the time frame.

In my opinion: Give a flexible and realistic target to the strategist expert, therefore He/she calculate and design the best strategy for you. You also need to be sincere of giving the right approach. If you give him a nonrealist target he might not be able to give you the right strategy.

If you are not clear about your goals, let the expert to be decided.

Anyway, let’s start!

  1. Google Ads:

Google ads suit you best when you just started your business and don’t have much audience and data to market your product and services.

Google ads offer multiple types of campaigns where you can display your brand/services and products. These are the following:

  • Search Ad Campaign
  • Display Ad Campaign
  • Shopping Ad Campaign
  • Video Ad Campaign
  • Smart Campaign
  • Discovery Campaign

All these campaign type associates with some objects and goals which are the following:

  • Traffic
  • Brand Awareness
  • Leads/Sales

You can combine all these objects to make one smooth sale funnel.

We are highly recommended and professional in making sales funnel in Pakistan. Do contact us for Google Ads Services. 

2. Social Media Ads

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a very strong social network where you can optimize your sales and leads for your business, again I suggest you start with a paid campaign for quick sales and leads.

  • Facebook: 

Facebook Pixel, Adset Campaign Optimization, and Campaign budget optimization makes all very easily and day by day Facebook increases its strategy mechanism more advance for smart working.

  • Linkedin: 

For B2b lead generation, LinkedIn is the best platform and paid campaigns to make this more easily to accrue more leads.

  • Twitter: 

Creating trends and targeting more efficient twitter found best. Twitter also offers a paid campaign management system that offers a different call to action for accruing best leads.

 3. Search Engine Optimization: 

For boost leads Google paid and social networks paid campaign done well. But it necessary to make your position well and stable in Search Result, therefore; you make sales funnel much strong. There are many remedies you can use to boost your leads and sales via Search engine optimization:

  • Right and High searchable Keywords
  • Attractive Meta Title and Description to increase CTR
  • Target-oriented Landing Page with an attractive call to actions

It will take a huge effort to get a high rank on search results due to competition. Where you required long term and dedicated effort to create quality backlinks. We are highly expert in creating quality backlinks. We have different backlink strategy which we can design on client demand and budget. But here you check our Guest Post Packages.

4. Mobile-Friendly Website: 

Device compatibility effects the most in leads generation. I observed more traffic and conversion on Mobile instead of desktop and other devices. If you’re landing page is not mobile-friendly so you are losing the maximum ratio of your conversion.

 5. Influence Marketing: 

Spread your words with Influencer in the market, It will help you to reach the potential customer in a short time and increase your sales. Now a day’s influence marketing getting more popular to reach a local audience. Must take advantage of sales and leads.

 6.Content Outreach Marketing: 

Spread your brand and product via content outreach, it will increase your credibility. Content marketing has been shown time and time again to generate better results than paid search when it comes to acquiring new leads and customers alike.

7.Email Marketing: 

You can make great sales while targeting your existing client with an email marketing strategy. Always keep them loop and through your new coming products, offers, and deals with them.

8.Automation on classified websites: 

Many classified websites like gum-tree and craigslist has great potential for sales. You can automate your product there and get huge sales within a month. Explore your county base classified websites and start automation.

9.Reviews Promotion/Marketing:

Online marketing is based on client reviews, before making any purchase people make their research well, and after then they will willing to purchase so make your good reviews from your client and keep promoting these reviews on the website and your business pages. It will help you to increase your sales in a short time.

10.Offers/Deals Marketing: 

Remarket and retarget your existing clients for your new offers and deals and create a maximum client life cycle for your product. Your existing clients already have experience with you and with little effort, you can make more purchase with them


Digital marketing practices for sales funnel optimization need deep observation of client behaviors over your website regarding your product and services which can vary from time to time. In this article, we drive our best practices which we regularly use for our client.

We are a highly expert and hand-on experienced digital marketing professional. Contact us for your sales and lead optimization, we will analyze your target and design for your best strategy.


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