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PBN Backlinks Vs Web 2.0s in 2020

May 7, 2020

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In 2020, I see many SEOs Expert using web 2.0 still now and if they use PBNs they did in a wrong way which did not give anything but well come to a Google Plenty.

Today I will discuss what WEB 2.0 and PBNs is in detail which helps you to choose the best backlinks remedy for your business website.

Comparing both backlinks techniques from a client’s perspective it will help you decide on the best course of action and save you thousands on SEO investments.

What are Web 2.0s

There are many famous and high ranked platforms or websites like word press, blogger, etc which offered users to create a subdomain for free and submit their own content to get index fast.

 Before introducing the Google Algos on quality measurement. People love to create subdomains there. The purpose of these blogs to just recycling and making a link wheel to boost their keywords ranking on Search Results. That’s was ok before Google Algos launched.

Web 2.0s were recognized as one of the powerful ways to generate backlinks and consider the high traffic source. 

What is PBNs:

A Private Blog Network is a group of websites/blogs proper hosted domain which can be (new, old, expire but prefer aged) owned by the same owner or a company. They can use aged old or expertise high topical and relevant. Here is the simple guide for creating PBNs.

PBNs consider one the best and spam-free SEO backlink Strategy In 2020. Here I can break down whether it is better to invest in PBNs backlinks or creating a web 2.0 for your business.

PBNs vs Web 2.0 for SEO

Web 2.0s blogs and Private Blog Networks (PBNs) seem the same but their effect totally different on your websites. Here I will highlight some facts about both which help you to decide the best.

  1. Quality Measurment and Spam Hit:
    Web 2.0: Your Blog will be hosted as a subdomain and thousands of other subdomains are hosted there which is not safe at all. If one person other than in the world hosts his subdomain and doing spamming it will definitely indirectly hit your blog. So, controlling spam will not be in your hand. Which waste all your effort.
    PBNs: In PBNs you can control spam activity. As it will be hosted on your separated server and with root domain on another person can harm your domain. But you need to focus IPS confliction to otherwise it not harm any more
  2. Link Power -Referring Domains:
    Web. 2.0: Referring Domains is one of the major factors of ranking that will not increase? Let suppose if you create 50 subdomains with a different niche like …………….. etc it will count as one referring domain only.
    PBNs: If you have 50 chains of blogs hosted with separate IPs and get only a single backlink from each it will count 50 referring domain. This boosts ranking magically.
  3. Low Control:
    Web. 2.0: You don’t have full control over any changes until the root domain owner does. If due to some reason root owner makes some changes in their publishing policy you can lose all your data, backlinks, and effort.
    PBNs: Because you are the owner of all the domains. You will have all the root control in your hand. If you got any changes in Google plenty you can revise all your content and change the status of your quality of content. And if you get any Google plenty to disavow will be easy for you. So I think 100% control will be in your hand.
  4. Backlinks Quality:
    Web 2.0: When using web 2.0 blogs you are restricted to getting your required backlinks ( do –follow or no follow) You are not provided by these options and you will get the root domain backlinks.
    PBNs: Do-Follow and No follow has equal worth nowadays. Sometimes you need no- follow or some time you need to follow for example if you are putting some reference in your article like Wikipedia and some news blog and there is no need to link them with Do- follow attribute because it will pass on your domain juice to there. Same for Do-follow backlinks, you will sure about your blog quality and you will be free of tension.
  5. Social Signals:
    Web 2.0: Social signal is also a ranking factor but in web 2.0 when you viral your post it will not strengthen your blog because it will give to the root domain. Here you will lose this factor
    PBNs: You can get high leverage from Social signal for all your PBNs, Traffic coming from all medium ultimate to your business website
  6. Investment:
    Web 2.0: of course there is less investment in web 2.0 because you are using a free subdomain facility.
    PBNs: In PBNs there is a huge and long investment of purchasing domains and copywriting.


As per my experience, PBNs is a long term investment. It will be the best option for the pro-business owner but I am not saying web 2.0 is the option for low investors or individuals if you have low investment guest posts have low risk then web 2.0.

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