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PPC stands for Pay Per Click. One of the best and fast revenue-driven online marketing techniques all the time. Its demand is increasing day by day. In 2020 and beyond PPC will same consider the best and cheap marketing investment in advertisement!! Some of the people are not familiar benefits of with PPC advertisement that’s why I try to compile some static here to give some rough idea of it: 

Why PPC Ads? 

  • 75% of people are always searching for something over the internet and 35% of purchases done online. 
  • 70% visitor landed via Paid Ads than organic Result
  • 63% of people click on Google ads
  • 49% clicks are recorded on Text Ads, 31% on Shopping ads, and 16 % on video Ads 


  • Over the 16 billion searches are made on Google 
  • 80% of the chances that we can build and boost our brand. 
  • 40% of store purchases start online.
  • In local purchases, 72% of people love to search store nearby.
  • 30% of mobile searches are related to location 
  • 28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase. 
  • Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to visit stores within one day. 
  • 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases. 

Based on these stats you need to be top of the all therefore, people contact you easily!! Here paid marketing (PPC) have more worth than other marketing mechanisms 

Bing and Google Ads Pay Per Click Advertising with webessentialzz.com 

  • Build Customer Journeys. We will execute complex cross-channel customer journeys that follow a consumer via paid ads.
  • Execute & Manage Campaigns. We will Identify and execute campaign management (e.g. search, social, display, video, remarketing) including—but not limited. Daily across multiple campaign types—account structure, settings, keywords, creative, bidding, landing pages, A/B testing, tracking, and analysis.
  • Optimize. Closely work to optimize landing pages and ads text to maximize CTR
  • Budget, Test, and Iterate. We will carefully own the marketing budget and spend, allocate dollars and time efficiently, run tests, report, and iterate to improve performance.
  • Self-Direct. We’re a fast and self-motivated professional. 


If you want to run a PPC campaign to target your audience. Contact us now 

Well, Google ads is one of fast and effective way to increase your revenue and maximize your ROI.

It also gives best measurements of your spend and help you to take some strong decision towards your business promotion

So how it’s done effectively??

Here we are going to lift the logic of Automatic Google ads Bidding Strategies for beginners!

Summaries overview of Google’s Manual Bidding Strategy


There is number of bidding strategy for expert who can handle all things professionally and each have its own specific reason to implement which I write shortly below:

·        Manual CPC Bidding

·        Target CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

·        Target ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

·        Maximize Conversion

·        Enhanced Cost per Click (ECPC)


Ultimate Goals to achieve:

  • Maximize Clicks
  • Target impression share
  • Target top of page rate
  • Target absolute top of page rate

Simple Bidding Model:

Figure out the relationship between the estimated values of clicks and its cost is very essential for any paid campaigns.

With the help of bidding model, you can effectively measure your campaign success and worth if its value of per click cost you more than or lower against your goal.

For example

  • if your estimated click value > Click Cost -> Bid More
  • if your estimated click value < Click Cost -> Bid Less

The question is how many clicks you need!!

The Best solution would be clustering of keywords, campaign type, target location and audience.

Once you put on selected keyword for the campaign and select the bidding option.

Here this point you can measure the cost of each click and you analysis it in different timeframes, like last 7, 30, 90 days

For each Keywords you can compute the bid and compare it in spreadsheet. Here you can directly measure the cost of per click

After this simple practices you can you’ve built up your automated bidding model.

Because, Search engines reflect human behavior and COVID-19 is affecting worldwide and almost every industry rather it’s off line or online bear too much loose. As the news unfold to everyone “Social Distance” is only cure until discovered!!

Based on latest updates Covid -19 also effecting SEOs and Digital World and we need to respond it.

But the question is, where and how Covid -19 Effecting SEO and how we can handle in full lock down situation not in a country but whole world.

Some of industry almost seems dead in this year and it may be take long time to stable again.

In this Article I will highlights and some basic and effective solutions which helps to at least make their presence alive on Search Results

Let Discuss one by one!!

1: Travel and Tourism Websites

Top of the list that hit so hard. No one can even imagine that traveling across the world will be bane. In my whole life I had never  heard this natural disaster before, that almost break down the whole travel industry. Every link domain like hotels also hit badly

Coronavirus hitting travel industry so hard and its estimated cost more than 46.6 billion dollars. Accordingly global business travel association, due to virus airlines restricts to cancel upcoming flights and business has been canceling their major conference and events

As per my notice, Due to travel restriction and social distance, travel website lost their huge impression and traffic. if people queries for “Cheap Flights” and visit the website to  cancel , refunds or delay  their trip  until future updates. Or there are wondering for super discounts


How to Respond:

As travel media expert: Travel companies must shift to customer support and reputation management, not acquisition. They must know their visitors interest. Where they are shifted

Travel Seos Expert, can help this efforts to closely analysis the data which they are getting via Google analytics user queries section.

Once they get to know their customer interest they must launched some out of the box offers and discount which helps your user connected with you and update with them upcoming travel happening and possible solutions for them.

Keep working on Content management and marketing and keep update your websites blogs and social networks not to out rank from the organic places. Make your online organic presence strong for future challenges.

2: Online Shopping Sites/Ecommerce Sites

Ecommerce sites that sell essentials and surgical equipment seems huge spikes in impressions and trafficThat’s coming from “Hand Sanitizer”  “Masks “and other products that is related to pandemicQueries Related to “Hand Sanitizer Near to me “Sound more in demands. On other hands cosmetics and other fashion related products seems low impression and will be in low demands.Same as for gyms people will switched to “online workout” or “workout from home” and so on.

How to Respond:

Due to high demand, SEO should create a high demand product pages, based on impression and clicks data, make them user and mobile friendly and crawl those pages with error free. Create specific sitemap with high priority and index them on search console to make it fast visible to search results. Create some possible some knowledge blog content about products.Keep Engage your visitors with latest offers, and alternative products on social business pages.

3: Health and Welfare Sites:

As a result of COVID-19 the health and wellness site will take over all large impression and traffic, People more likely to search “Symptoms of Coronavirus” etc.Recently Google has been cracking down on content that provides advice and information on things like medical issue accordingly to their quality rate guidelines holding to a very high standard.

How to Respond:

Follow E-A-T rule in making links with user. Striving for expertise, authoritativeness, and trust with this type of content is more important now than ever.

Because for medical issues people turn to search engines and this responsibility can’t not be taken light.

4.Recipes Websites:

Due to lock down and social distance remedy restaurants and food points will close for long that why it more likely to get more impression and traffic on recipes website as many people try to make their own meal and will search highly for easy made foods.

How to Respond:

Use recipe structured data to enhance the visibility of your recipe with easy available ingredients.Pick daily food list to that locally people most. Options of snacks with evening tea etc

5: Publisher and news website:

This is no surprise that news and publisher website will hit huge impression and traffic now a days.People will search for upcoming updates and follow the daily routines.

How to Respond:

On journalist continuously report, publisher offer some support in many ways

  1. Like: Make sure AMP pages work fine and did not serve any errors
  2. Analysis and make sure all the pages crawl accordingly

6: Local Business Website:

If you are serving local business like restaurant bar store etc. It will clearly seems its impression and traffic gone down as its seasonal issue like coronavirus

How to Respond:

Try to work on holiday’s hours on Google My Business and make a question and answers list to make your audience alive and keep updating your future deals like free delivery etc


In this time brands reduce their campaign budgets and focus on organic search and SEO may be more important now than ever so your website insight and data will be king!!

You are responsible of your own data to benchmark this will help you to identified your user needs

So you are ready to meet those needs or not!

Before Starting benefits and purpose of outsourcing, it’s essential to understand the meaning of it

“Outsourcing is the term or you can say an agreement between two companies/business in which one hire to another to performed their tasks or activity professionally. to fulfill their business demands that can be done internally and sometimes involves transferring employees and assets from one firm to another.”

If you are in UK, Canada or UAE and hire IT spec list in low cost budget.  Call us we will manage full IT department for you in Pakistan. Pakistani people are more efficient and talented People WRT to all IT services.

In 2020, up next is Digital Transformation and Automation!!

Everyone want robust smart and swift way of working, Just because of this demand “Outsourcing” now become a big demand of the Era , that eliminate  crucial and hectic  challenges of business life and so on.

Due to efficient enhancement and accessibility of internet and modern technology it’s quite easy to hire and approach more experts around the world in cheap rates.

In 2020, outsourcing has stepped up and revolute maturing needs of Tech Industry.

In the last few years, Outsourcing industry generate around 9 billion revenues on US Dollar in which about 32% only IT Services were outsourced  that will expected more in this year.

Let’s explore how outsourcing changing the game!!

It’s Cost Effective:

Of course main purpose of outsourcing and automation is reduce the cost. In house managing the department involve other costs which could be burden for any organization. So smart people not wasting their money. Outsourcing allows companies to reduce costs, benefits consumers with lower cost of goods and services, which causes economy expansion that ultimate reduce unemployment and increase productivity

More Time to Focus on Business Goals:

You can’t believe many renowned world leader increase their revenue three time more than their competitors due to 100% Outsourcing. They spend their time more on business goals.

Massive Ability to solve Business issues

Outsourcing give you one hand free to identify the business problems that pursue alternate paths of opportunities and multiple possible solutions to make good decision and assign the responsibility

Enhance Services Quality

Many business choose outsource services so thay they focus of on their core business processes while delegating mundane time consuming processes to external agencies

If you are interested in getting more leads do contact us for outsocurce your IT department with us.


Today I will share with you the conceptual approach of content ranking how it fits your business’s needs to known in search engines.

Every new year there is the new hype at a peak that how you can rank your content on top searches on Google? What changes and what algos are now changed and what new remedy can be used to stable your business that keeps connecting the potential clients on search engines like google.

Well!! The key to success in  getting your content on top with your business related keywords over search engines needs clear understating of how Google Finds, Analysis and Rank your content.

There are following mainly three steps of getting your content rank higher in search engine which correlate with each other.

Step 1: Discovery/Crawling

First of all Search Engine Bots tries to discover your web pages by “Crawling” it. Where bots take notes all your content within it. What content is about and how it creates a semantic association of user key phase or query.

Step 2: Relevance/Indexing:

Next step is the relevancy, Once search engine bots discover your content it will check the relevancy of certain query by “Indexing” it. Based on signals like keywords within the content

Step 3: Authority/Ranking

Next is the authority stage. This means building enough credibility through backlinks and other factors, that search engines consider your site authoritative enough to rank high in the search results. Authority directly impacts ranking strength

However, the next question is how you can make your content Finds, Analysis and Rank in the search engine:

You just need to focus on the topic of content. Which needs some searches depending on your business trends and targets. Check how other people write about that topic, love to read, like and share.  Using the blow you can figure out your targeted content

  1. Find target topics based on keywords that are fully related to your business
  2. Check the numbers of blog post on that topic.
  3. Find how many numbers of gated pieces of content .
  4. How many average shares per content that has?
  5. How many numbers of backlinks that content have

These three stages and actions are dependent on one another.

If your content isn’t relevant, then it has little chance of ranking, no matter how authoritative it is. If your website isn’t authoritative, then it has little chance of ranking, no matter how relevant it is. And if your website can’t be discovered in the first place, it has no chance of ranking at all. We hope this helped you understand how search engines discover, index, and rank your content.